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  1. Mitch


  2. Jackie Reeves

    What happened not music on I Tunes

  3. GP Brefini


    Great station! Love the music playlist. It is great to put on in the car using the phone.
    Keep it up…Good luck in in 2012!

    GP Brefini

  4. William geesey

    Just wanted to know if you all have a xm spot anywhere! if you do please let me know what it is so i can find it! tks 😉 XM radio

  5. Big Jay

    Dibello AKA:Famous Amos is a world famous all night board op in NYC.

  6. David Maresca

    Are you guy’s the same Jammin 105 I used to listen to in 98-99 out of New York?

  7. jammin105

    Kindof – let’s just say it’s the new and improved Jammin 105!

  8. World Famous Board Op

    Questions, questions:

    1. Hey, Catfish Prewitt (! How the hell ARE ya? Does the real Big Jay know you’re posting under his name?

    2. Are you still close to 500 lb.? Can you see your thingy, yet? 😛

  9. Agostina Dama


  10. Richie

    I just found you and you sound great. New York needs this on with the loss of Kiss Fm 🙁

  11. Bob

    Hey Famous Amos, I be checkin’ yo ass out now, soundin’ pretty fresh yo!

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