Jun 25

Famous Amos July 4th!

Thaaaaats right – as part of of the 4th of July celebration here at Jammin’, we managed to get one of the ORIGINAL jocks from Jammin 105 to come down the shore for a few hours and help out on Independence Day! Famous was one of the first DJ’s on NY’s Jammin 105 doing afternoons and evenings, bringing his snarky wit and sense of humor to the masses (and to the top of the ratings).

Famous has graciously agreed to lend his talents for the 4th from 3 to 7 PM…so make sure to listen and enjoy! Please check out his website at famousamos.fm10391004_10204359749540037_1790196535350307412_n

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Jun 24

Jammin On TV!

Set up a new smart TV for a relative of mine…and of course I got to playing around with the apps on it…so hey, if you ever need to play Jammin and don’t feel like hooking up the laptop of phone to the stereo…play us thru the TV!2014-06-23 17.44.12

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Oct 21

Brew with Brandi

Listen to Jammin 105 for “The Brew With Brandi”. Wednesdays at 3P EST and Fridays at 6P EST, Brandi will be topping you off with a blend of funky tunes from 60’s thru today. This show’s mission is to have you discover something new, or to bask in nostalgia.

You can learn more about Brandi at Olio.fm, and follow her on Twitter here.


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Sep 29

Jammin Update

Made some changes to the Jammin website, and social media pages here at Jammin Oldies – we now have the now playing info on the right hand side of the webpage for easy viewing, along with the last few songs played. AND you can now RATE the music we play here at Jammin – so please let me know what you think…vote early and vote often as they say.

Also, our Twitter feed sends out our Now Playing as well, so you can keep up with us on Twitter (@jammin105) – tweet us if you want to request a song, have any comments, or whatever is on your mind.

Our Facebook is here…we could always use some more likes if you haven’t liked us already.

On a positive note…our iPhone app is almost 1 year old with 500 downloads! Grab it here for your iPhone or iPod touch. Our Android app is here in the Google Play store for those of you in the Android ecosystem – I would make a BlackBerry app…but hey, the company is going down the drain :(

Thanks for listening to Jammin 105, and being a part of the Internet radio revolution! WIth your smartphone in the car, or your desk at work…we really can go anywhere! With a decent Internet connection that is…

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Mar 20

60’s Motown – More than Supremes, Temps, & Smokey

Listening to the radio growing up as a kid, I heard all the Motown greats – The Supremes, Four Tops, Martha & The Vandellas, Marvin Gaye, and of course Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.

BUT….most radio stations skipped out on a good chunk of Motown gems from the 60’s – let’s face it – the competition was stiff during Motown’s “Golden Age.” The Spinners, who had MONSTER hits in the 70’s, barely moved the needle at Motown during their stay there (“It’s A Shame” aside).

So, with that in mind – here are a few songs that I really think are amazing, but for whatever reason never really made it. Give them a listen and tell me what you think!

First up….Brenda Holloway covering a Mary Wells track – and I personally think it sounds better by Brenda than Mary!

Next up: The Elgins, best known for “Heaven Must Have Sent You” – a song I only heard on the oldies station in Philly….but I never heard anything else by them. Until I picked up a Motown compilation CD that had this on it, and I fell in love.

Song #3 – by The Spinners, before the fame of their 70’s songs, The Spinners released a few 60’s cuts that went nowhere, getting lost in the shuffle of all the other amazing songs coming out of Hitsville USA at the time. This one I love because the lyrics, melody, and Bobbie Smiths vocal blend perfectly…

So…what do you guys think?


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Dec 28

Jammin Android App

Alright….after getting a iPhone app out there, the Android crowd was asking “WHERE’S OUR APP?!?” Well, I can now say GO GET IT! Click here to install the Jammin App to your Android smartphone or tablet, and turn it instantly into a portable radio. Note: data charges may apply if you are NOT on an unlimited data plan.


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Dec 15

Give the gift of Jammin

Looking for a gift this year for someone who loves listening to Internet radio….but hates to be tied to a computer? If you are, I suggest getting them the C Crane WiFi radio for a few reasons.

1. Easy to use – few complex menus, easy to navigate, clear display, and works with both WiFi and wired Ethernet  And it has a remote too!
2. The WiFi radio is compact and easily able to fit in tight areas (corner of the kitchen counter for example), and yet has a nice rich sound to it…well, at least when it plays Jammin it does!
3. The station directory is powered by Reciva, and has listings for over 16,000 stations – enough to satisfy every musical taste…and talk too! Of course, Jammin 105 is on the list too :-)
4. Line out and headphone jacks make it easy to attach to a sound system or computer speakers.
Of course, I’m biased as a gadget guy…but this is a relatively cheap and easy way to get someone to listen to Internet radio. But if you have someone on your list who complains about the lack of variety from AM/FM radio…but isn’t apt to get a laptop to listen to ‘net radio, this is a great way to bridge the gap.

Just please put Jammin on the presets!

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Dec 04

Adopt A Pet!

This just came across my inbox, and I’d thought I’d share – “Sayerville, NJ Animal Shelter closing as of January 1st. THIS IS TRUE. Unfortunatly, like so many businesses they fell victim to the devastating economy and cannot keep their doors open. They sent out a plea for ANYONE out there either looking for a dog or cat, to please come and adopt. THEY WILL BE WAIVING ALL ADOPTION FEES FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER, and all animals that are still at the shelter on December 31st will be euthanized.”

If you are near Sayerville and looking for a pet, or know someone who is, please let them know – the more pets that can find a good home, the better!

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Nov 29

Get the Jammin iPhone App

THE NEW IPHONE APP IS HERE!  Want to listen to Jammin on the go with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? Grab the app here and make it easy to listen in the car, on the train, well…anywhere you have your iPhone and a cell signal! Still working on an app for Android users (I’m one of em!)

Let us know what you think of the new app, or any features you would like to see in a update..shoot us an email here

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Nov 23

Weekend Blastoff!

New feature here at Jammin – the Weekend Blastoff! Fridays at 5PM, we throw the switch and kick off the weekend with 1 hour of upbeat party songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and more!  Think of it as like a wedding reception on the radio…except no open bar and we sure as hell aren’t going to do the chicken dance.

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